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At Made With Love Ceramics, creating beautiful ceramic mugs and decor pieces is our passion. Through sharing that vison, we intend to spread love by empowering people and reminding them of who they are, what’s within them and what’s possible.

I AM Mugs

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Made With Love

It's an honour to be part of people's daily rituals. Our pieces are made to add beauty, love and joy to your life. They are designed to remind you who you are.

  • Toni B, Australia

    "I just love your cups so much they have changed my life. That sounds crazy, but they make me smile. I refuse to drink out of anything else 😂😂❤️🥰🙏"

  • Ellie, Australia

    "I absolutely love my I Am Unstoppable water bottle I got for Christmas 😍 literally hasn't left my side for a moment since I received it 🖤

  • Steph, Australia

    "I absolutely ADORE my I am mug. It's not just a mug - its healing for me as I receover from anorexia. Thank you for who you are and what you do my dear!"

  • Diane, Australia

    "My beautiful mugs arrived today. The moment I held them in my hands I felt a deep connection to the I AM energy. Hope rose in my Soul, a feeling I have longed for. My mugs are, I AM BEAUTIFUL & I AM ENOUGH. Thank you, my new friend, Haifa. 🙌👏"

  • Abigail, England

    "How beautiful are these mugs, I just love them so much! It's so a bit of me haha, thank you for this beautiful creation I cannot wait to use it every day!"

  • Skie, Australia

    "I got my order yesterday and and IM IN LOVEEEEEE!!! thank you so much xx"

  • Anonymous

    "I literally felt a strong energy as soon as I opened the package, such a love & warmth!! Keep up the amazing work. Everything is so beautiful about your work, the mugs are divine and the energy around them and the company is radiant and can be felt in it all. I can't wait to use them with my morning ritual matcha lattes I make and my evening ritual herbal teas!!!! Thank you so much lovely for yourself and your gorgeous products. I LOVE them!!!! Thank you"

  • Hope, Australia

    😭😭😭😭😭😭 I already want to order more!!!!!!!

    I already knew you were one, incredibly talented lady but opening my gorgeous mug order was A WHOLE NOTHER LEVEL!!!

    I was so overwhelmed with how beautiful the mugs were that I wanted to cry and kiss them all at the same time 😂"

  • Rhiana, Australia

    "I received my mugs. Thank you so so so so much. They are divine. I cried when I got them. They are absolutely beautiful ❤️"

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