Create A Life You Love

When you move from saying “ I will” to “I am” ~ your identity begins to change.

It shifts you from your plan or commitment in the future, into the becoming process in the present moment.

It’s where all your energy is.

And you have the energy to create a life full of beauty and joy.

A life that you love.

You just have to start the process by taking one step in a new direction.

Then keep going.

How far you are from the destination isn’t important, all you need to get started is the direction.

If you’d like to create a life you love, then enjoy something you love today. And tomorrow, do something you love again.

You move from “I want to create a life I love” to “I am creating a life I love” when you take your first step.

And when you do this enough, choosing what you love daily, you’ll shift again - from “I am creating a life I love” into “I am living a life I love” 🥰

So feel into your beautiful heart, see what it truly desires and start becoming who you are truly meant to be… because you deserve a life you love.

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