Willingness Makes You Powerful


Your willingness to experience both the positives and negatives in life is one of the keys to your power and your healing.

If you’re not willing to experience something, you’ll have resistance towards anything that may lead to it. Even the things you like and desire. 

The more willing you are, the more choices you have available to you. 

Now, it’s not really about having “more” choices, it’s about the ones that are relevant to us. 

Those are the choices we want access to, because when we make them, we are powerful.

One of the biggest things that stops people from being powerful is that they don’t trust themselves to be able to deal with whatever life gives them. 

That shows up as a lack of willingness, fear, self-doubt, indecisiveness, overthinking, anxiety, overwhelm and more.

You take your power back when you become willing to receive whatever might come with what you desire - no matter what it is.

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