Are your products safe for food and drinks?

Yes. All our mugs, bowls and plates are glazed with non-toxic glazes that are totally safe to drink and eat from. 


Do your glazes contain lead?

No. All glazes we use are lead free and cadmium free. 


What sizes are your mugs?

The mugs come in different sizes. Each style of mug has the approximate height and diameter of the mug in the product description section. However, these are approximates as with pottery, pieces shrink during the firing process, which can makes piece slightly differ in size. 


Can you make a custom mug?

Yes, we absolutely can. This feature is currently being added to the website, but for now, you can contact us via Instagram or by sending an email to hello@madewithloveceramics.com.au and go through the ordering process with one of our team members. Please note, the entire process for creating custom pieces can take up to 6-8 weeks.